Water Supply And Distribution

Thermal Power

The purpose of the distribution system is to provide friction-less supply of water to the consumers with adequate quantity, appropriate quality and protective measures.

Talking about the modern day water supply system, it comprises infrastructure that collects, treats, stores, and distributes water to the consumers. In simple words a water supply and distribution system transports water from the point of sources to the point of use.

With an intense and comprehensive water distribution system, Nexus Waters is the major asset to water utilities. It delivers water with all the consumers for potable drinking and fire protection services.

Nexus Waters offers the optimum level of water supply and distribution to all the public and private utility companies and to the government with the best possible management, engineering services, and integrity practices.

These integrity practices are segmented into three parts namely physical, hydraulic, and water quality.

  • Physical integrity is concerned with the ability of the barriers to prevent the incoming of contaminated articles from any of the external sources into the water distribution systems.
  • The hydraulic integrity is concerned with the ability to maintain the optimum amount of pressure throughout the water distribution systems.
  • The water quality integrity is concerned with the control of any degradable substance as the water travels into the entire length of the water distribution system. Water quality degradation such as microorganism growth, internal corrosion of pipes, nitrification, etc. sometimes takes place within the distribution systems.

One of the premium services provided by Nexus Waters is the capability of supplying water at all the intended places with optimum pressure with fairly water-tight pipelines to avoid any leakage during the supply. Also, our team of water engineer experts along with the advanced equipment facility keeps a regular check on the flow of water to detect any amount of water stagnation within the pipe.