Mahwa District

Mahwa is a town located in the Dausa district of Rajasthan, India. It is the census town in Mahwa Mandal of Dausa district.
Recently in 2021, a work order was issued by the executive engineer PHED division Mahwa district related to Survey and designing of various PWS schemes. The order was accepted by Nexus Waters.
The survey was conducted in 14 villages of the town namely Hansilpur, Norangwada, Vishala, Berkheda, Kherli Gadli, Kohra Mulla, Khonchpuri, Sinduki, Palanheda, Samleti, Dubbi, Lanka, Moroli, and Heengwa. The work was completed with full operational efficiency within stipulated time along with the well-optimized budgeting plan.

The major components of the consultancy work done by the us includes,

Preparation of the various plans and reports.
  • Survey by electronic total stations/DGPS of villages
  • Preparing village index plan indicating roads, streets, surface and width of roads, streets along important places such as panchyati bhawan, hospitals, schools, etc.
  • Temple water supply structures
Deploying technical softwares for designing and drawing.
  • Hydraulic design of distribution network in Loop/water Gem/EPANET.
  • Design of distribution system using Water Gems.
  • GA Drawings of valve chambers, ESR, GLSR, CWR, etc.
  • Preparation of auto CAD drawing with hydraulic design output details such as pipe no, pipe length, pressure at node, etc.
Budgeting and printing of reports.
  • Estimation of various components based on prevailing BSRs.
  • Submissions of report prepared in auto CAD